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Management Consultant
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Process Architect
Web Master
Student (Upper Level University)
Student (Highschool, College Freshman)

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Likes to share my research
Likes to publish my work
Posts to Wikipedia
Posts to YouTube
Is underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista
Values reuse
I am a Student (Upper Level University):

Use maps to organize your work and keep on track.

As a university student, I write a lot of papers. Mapping them out in the DNE helps me to save time, especially when I have a number of papers to do. I can keep each paper organized on its own map.
I have a basic map template that I start from with all the papers I write, but for each paper I tweak the map a little, to be sure to get the best paper I can. Obviously a 20 page paper is going to require a different set of strategies from a 5 page paper, but I can take that into account by building a few easy changes into the map that I use.
Using a DNE map saves me time because it organizes my research and keeps me on track. I attach all my notes, and all the drafts of my paper, directly to the map, at exactly the stage where it belongs. Even scanned pages from books, and sometimes some multimedia stuff. This means that I can track how my ideas grow and change from preliminary research to final draft. It also means that I also have a record of how I wrote the paper.

Having a record of my research and writing process - and not just my finished essay - comes in really handy if I want to talk to a professor about my paper, whether it's still being written or after I get my grades. I find that the more information I can show my professors - and the more clearly laid out it is - the better insight I get from them. So when I come in with a map that shows exactly what I did at every stage (or what I've done to the stage I'm at now), I can get much better feedback from my professors. And that translates into better grades.
I also like using the cabinet to organize my information. It is so much more convenient having everything I need, in one place, front and center. I save a configuration for every course I'm taking, and, with just one click I have my whole year in front of me.
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