Dekstrus Inc.

I am a...
Management Consultant
Enterprise Architect
Process Architect
Web Master
Student (Upper Level University)
Student (Highschool, College Freshman)

I describe my self as a person who...
Likes to share my research
Likes to publish my work
Posts to Wikipedia
Posts to YouTube
Is underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista
Values reuse
I describe myself as a person who publish my work:

Map everything you know, publish only what you want.

The DNE is the perfect tool for someone like me, who likes to publish their work. Publishing my work as maps rather than as traditional documents gives me several advantages.
Not only can I publish the finished product, but also publish some of the supporting documentation and research. If people want to read more on anything, it's all available. And I'm not just talking about hyperlinks. I'm talking about a full map that includes supporting documentation on everything. I can include any type of files. I particularly like the ability to include subdocuments, so my readers can open the supporting documentation right at the relevant point - but they can also investigate the entire document if they want. I can also attach notes to all this extra information, to explain why I think it's important.
Often I don't want to publish absolutely everything I find. For instance, if I'm publishing work in progress, I might want to keep the unfinished parts out of the publication. The DNE's pick and publish functionality lets me keep any sensitive information private - that means knowledge elements, documents, and even individual pieces of meta-data. I can publish exactly what I want to publish and can hold back exactly what I want to hold back.
Also, it's very easy to publish different information to different audiences. I can even build slightly different versions of the same map. Some audiences want a general map that gives them the gist in a few minutes while others want all the details I can provide. With DNE multimaps I can build both versions at the same time, without rewriting anything. And because both maps link to the identical files, I don't have to worry about keeping multiple "versions" current.
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