Dekstrus Inc.

I am a...
Management Consultant
Enterprise Architect
Process Architect
Web Master
Student (Upper Level University)
Student (Highschool, College Freshman)

I describe my self as a person who...
Likes to share my research
Likes to publish my work
Posts to Wikipedia
Posts to YouTube
Is underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista
Values reuse
I am a Web Master:

Build and change processes quickly.

When I'm designing a web site, it's very important the people can get from the home page to the product they want, quickly and without any confusion. And it's just as important that they can get from seeing the product they want to buying it, just as easily. I want every click to be easy and unambiguous, and I want there to be as few clicks to success as there can be.
I don't use the DNE to build web sites, but I do use it to design them. It's easy to build a working map of the web site that tracks all the available paths from home page to purchase. Because the map is made by drag'n'drop rather than by coding, I can build and change it very quickly. And because every step is presented visually, my clients can easily understand exactly how the processes and flows are going to work, even if they don't know anything about web design.
Lots of clients want to change things in the middle of the design process. Because DNE maps are "live", we can check out if these changes would work or not, on the fly, before spending time coding anything. In addition, because screen captures, scanned notes, etc., can be added to the map at any point, it is really easy to ensure that my clients and I are on the same page all the way through the design process.
In short, I waste less time because I can see what will work and what won't before I start building the actual site, and because I can include the client from the earliest stages.
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