Dekstrus Inc.

I am a...
Management Consultant
Enterprise Architect
Process Architect
Web Master
Student (Upper Level University)
Student (Highschool, College Freshman)

I describe my self as a person who...
Likes to share my research
Likes to publish my work
Posts to Wikipedia
Posts to YouTube
Is underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista
Values reuse
I describe myself as a Enterprise Architect:

Tools for building a blueprint of where you want to go and a roadmap for how to get there.

As an enterprise architect, I am called upon to produce roadmaps and blueprints that help put order and structure into programs that will bring about significant change in the company that I work for. I help align the numerous initiatives that the programs comprise with corporate strategies and objectives. In tandem, I ensure that a clear picture of the business and all of its components, both as it stands today and as it is intended, is available to support systems implementation and organizational change activities.
To do this, I must call upon information that resides in many forms and many locations. Even when modeling a new program or business, with its numerous processes and systems, I may compose the model using many existing components.
DNE allows me to create roadmaps, that is to model initiatives, assets, strategies and objectives while making connections to information in existing electronic documents, presentations and illustrations, even videos and voice recordings.

DNE also allows me to create blueprints, that is to model the business and its processes, procedures, competencies and resources - in short, all of its intellectual assets. These blueprints illustrate what the target business will look like. Again, I can do this while making connections to existing information in various forms.
DNE allows me to maintain a tight connection between the roadmaps and blueprints so that I can show how my designs contribute to corporate objectives or how the program makes progress towards the target business. Modeling tools abound, but DNE allows me to easily create the right level of roadmap and blueprint that I need to support the work that I do.
DNE makes it easier for me to keep my architecture alive and relevant. Accomplished properly, many aspects of the blueprints are relatively stable. They can evolve and provide value over a significant length of time. I'm able to use and reuse valuable information as the company evolves to meet the challenges brought about by competition, growth and the changing business environment.
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