Dekstrus Inc.

I am a...
Management Consultant
Enterprise Architect
Process Architect
Web Master
Student (Upper Level University)
Student (Highschool, College Freshman)

I describe my self as a person who...
Likes to share my research
Likes to publish my work
Posts to Wikipedia
Posts to YouTube
Is underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista
Values reuse
I describe myself as a person who values reuse:

Easy to put old knowledge into new contexts.

Information is valuable in more than one context, so it's important to me that I can access information in any context where it fits. And that includes contexts that haven't come up yet. With the DNE it is easy and fast to reuse information in new contexts.
First, it's easy to collect background information when a new context comes up. The DNE's search engine lets me really get the most out of my database. The user-determined meta-data fields are all searchable, and because I am the one who decided what fields to add, it's easy for me to leverage those fields to find all kinds of documents. So, with a couple quick searches I can gather a collection of background knowledge - information on the client, information on similar work we've done for other clients, whatever.
And second, because the DNE works by hyperlinking information together to build maps, I can quickly turn my search results into a rich knowledge map, organized exactly around my new context and divided into whatever categories I think are important, all built quickly and on the fly. Suddenly I'm not starting from scratch: I've got a map of relevant knowledge as background to guide me.
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