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Is underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista
Values reuse
I describe myself as a person who is underwhelmed with Microsoft®Vista:

Not just the same-old, same-old.

When I first heard about what Microsoft wanted to include in it's Longhorn operating system, many years ago now, it was really exciting. But when I finally saw what they released as Vista, I was a little less impressed. Sure, it does look sleeker than XP, and there are improvements, but there's nothing earth-shatteringly different about Vista. I wanted a better way to manage my information, and Vista just isn't giving me one.
But there is an application that offers many of the innovations I had hoped would come with Vista, innovations that really do help me manage my information. The Dekstrus DNE Desktop has lots of powerful knowledge management tools. These include:
  • 3-D interface
  • Multiple desktops/
  • Multiple knowledge management strategies, including many-to-many knowledge maps based on a modeling paradigm
  • User-defined
  • Save & recall functionality on nearly all tools
  • Subdocumentation
  • Multi-window explorer
  • User-determined information order

These tools have really changed the way I think about my information. Multiple desktops lets me keep everything I'm working on handy, without cluttering up my main desktop. Save & recall lets me configure information access exactly how I want for all the different tasks I have to do, and access my commonly used configurations really fast - no more clicking up and down a tree structure for me! Subdocumentation lets me manage parts of documents like they were independent files, without creating the headaches of trying to maintain integrity across multiple files. The multi-window explorer - they call it the "cabinet" - lets me see the contents of twelve folders at once, which means I can have all the information I'm using for any task in front of me all at once. And when I save cabinet configurations, look out! I can access everything I need in an instant! User-determined information order lets me keep my most important information up front all the time.
I was hoping for exciting for exciting innovations from Vista, but instead I got a sleeker version of the same old thing. But the Dekstrus DNE made me excited about knowledge management software again.
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