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Management Consultant
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Web Master
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Likes to share my research
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Posts to Wikipedia
Posts to YouTube
Is underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista
Values reuse
I describe myself as a person who posts to YouTube:

Make information tell a story.

I use the internet a lot, and really enjoy the multimedia that is available. Places like YouTube, especially. There is a lot of great stuff up there. But sometimes it's really hard to find what I want to see. I search on "Colbert" and the first dozen posts are often the same clip! And when I do find something good, I want to find something else like it. I know, there is a "Related" list, but that list isn't all that useful - you can tell it was automatically generated by tags, not by someone who has actually seen the video.
With the DNE, I can organize clips to make a map. I can trace the links from some news event through to what Colbert and Jon Stewart say about it on their shows, and to follow-ups, if there are any. And it's all laid out visually, so it's easy to figure out how all the pieces are related.
I can even post these maps to the Dekstrus web site to share with my friends & other people! If anybody likes the Olympics, I made a map of nearly all the medal-winning performances in women's gymnastics going back decades. All the routines were already on YouTube, but they weren't linked up at all - just a bunch of independent videos. But my map links them all up so that it's easy to find any of the routines, even if you can't spell those long Russian and Romanian names. And, because the videos are all on YouTube anyway, the file size for the map is really small - basically, all it's got are hyperlinks to the YouTube pages. All I've done is organize the hyperlinks, but it's amazing what a little organizing will do!
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