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DNE Desktop Basic
Knowledge management isn't just about storing files, it's about being able to get at information. Sometimes the piece of information you want is smaller than a file (like a sentence or paragraph in a document, a set of cells in a spreadsheet or a slide in a slide show). Sometimes it is bigger than a file (like a collection of files and folders you need for some task). The DNE Desktop Basic gives you powerful tools to help you zero in on the information you need – whether it's a file, a part of a file or a collection of files.
Multiple desktops.

The desktop interface - a single place to put shortcuts to things you use a lot - is a great idea. But if you use your desktop intensely, it quickly becomes a cluttered mess of shortcuts to applications, documents and system tools. In order to avoid this, many people don't use their desktop to manage much information at all – instead, it ends up with mostly just shortcuts to oft-used applications. At Dekstrus, we have rethought the desktop and our innovative interface makes it easy use your desktop for managing access to information that you use on a daily basis.
  • Multiple desktops let you keep different sets of information distinct,
  • Distinct desktops for applications and system tools leave your "information" desktops clear of clutter,
  • Easy-to-use connecting lines and regions let you indicate relations between whatever you want, and
  • Resizeable icons let you indicate graphically what's most important to you.


A subdocument is a part of a larger file, but is managed in the DNE Desktop as though it were an independent piece of knowledge. It can be a sentence or paragraph in a document, a set of cells in a spreadsheet, a slide in a slideshow, etc. A subdocument is like a bookmark in a file, but the DNE Desktop treats these “bookmarks” just like independent files, which means that you can organize your subdocuments directly. If you are working on several different sections in a documents, it is easy to create a subdocument for each section and manage each as a separate task.
  • The DNE Desktop creates and manages subdocuments for:
    • Microsoft® Word
    • Microsoft® Excel®
    • Microsoft® PowerPoint®
    • Microsoft® Visio®
  • Subdocuments are not separate files, so you can save many subdocuments without worrying about maintaining several versions of a file.
System Requirements:
  • Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP or Vista

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