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DNE Maps is the free map reader from Dekstrus. The map reader lets you access and understand information in a whole new way - as maps.
Maps present information visually, so that you can see the relationships and context. Maps either show the lay of the land in an information landscape (knowledge maps) or they trace a path leading to a goal (models).
A knowledge map is a visual representation of knowledge. Objects (knowledge elements) are linked together graphically in order to reflect information relations. Knowledge elements are not just pictures, though – each map object doubles as a folder, so you can access all your files right from the map. So a knowledge map is an access point for files, but it isn't just a list of files – the files come embedded in a rich, graphic context that makes it easy to understand what each file says, what it means, and how it can be used. With DNE Maps you don't just get a single document on a topic, you also get:
  • a set of documents (files, subdocuments within files, links to web pages) on a particular topic.
  • meta-data relating to the content (not just the file properties) of the documents, and to the topic itself. Meta-data is set by the map builder, and can be updated.
  • links to related topics, laid out graphically to reflect how these topics are related.
  • a navigable interface that makes it easy to explore the related topics without losing the context of the original topic.
  • a context-sensitive display that changes perspective and redraws the map whenever you look at a related topic.
A model guides you through a process, step by step. The process could be simple (like following a recipe or completing a sale) or it could be complicated (like filing your taxes). It could be entirely digital (like booking a flight online) or it could guide a process you follow in the physical world (like maintaining a motorcycle). With DNE Maps you don't just get a laundry list of instructions to follow, you also get:
  • supporting documentation in any format on any step where it might be required.
  • meta-data relating to each step and relating to any supporting documentation.
  • graphical representation of the entire process, letting you see where you are and where you're going.
  • a thumbnail graphic for each step in a process indicating what type of step it is.
  • one-click access to any step in the process, making it easy to return to a past step, update information, etc.
  • the same interface for all your processes, making new models instantly familiar.
In short, with DNE Maps you get the whole picture.
System Requirements:
  • Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP or Vista

1-See how everything connects when you manage your knowledge in links, not lists.
2-See DNE Maps in action: managing your knowledge visually on a knowledge map.
3-See DNE Maps in action: modelling a simple process.
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