Your computer is your 'virtual office'. Our interface makes it look like one.

Your world is organized visually. Now your computer can be as well.

TheThe DNEís unique, gaming-inspired interface is not just fun and games. The three-dimensional, multi-room office design facilitates knowledge management by replicating the environment in which you actually work: the world. Why start from scratch every morning when you can turn on your computer to find all the documents you need already in front of you? When you put a piece of information somewhere (in a room or on a bench), it stays there until you move it. And the multi-room interface helps manage your workflow by letting you perform different tasks in different areas.
  • 8 rooms, in fixed locations, circle around a central cabinet where information is stored.
  • Cabinet has 12 drawers to access your tree structure at 12 branches. Organize what goes where however you want. If you want to keep more general stuff on the left and more particular stuff on the right, or vice versa, thatís up to you.
  • Unlike a minimize bar, where the applications land in whichever order you launched them, objects on your DNE bench will always keep the same order, making it just that much quicker to find what youíre looking for, even when you are working with many documents.

White Paper: Managing Information from Analysis to Design
Screen Capture: Order your information by drag'n'drop.
Screen Capture: Organize internet browse results on the fly.
Screen Capture: No more clicking up and down your file structure when you use our twelve-branch tree display.
Screen Capture: Manage your knowledge visually with our unique knowledge maps.
Screen Capture: We replicate your desktop so you can manage all knowledge access right from the DNE.
Screen Capture: The DNE makes multimedia a viable way to manage knowledge.