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Dekstrus is the leader in applying modeling techniques to knowledge management, and applying knowledge management techniques to modeling. Our product line offers solutions for everyone, from the casual user to the intensive business and research user.
Our product lineup includes four exciting applications:
Dekstrus DNE
  • The DNE is a full-service, professional knowledge management and modeling application designed to help consultants, researchers and other knowledge workers streamline everything they do with information, from the first stages of information gathering through implementing change based on that information to creating a more effective knowledge repository. Based on a mapping paradigm, the DNE lets you organize your knowledge visually by linking anything to anything else.

    Purchase the DNE for $1999.00
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DNE Desktop
  • The DNE Desktop is a personal, advanced desktop solution that includes many of the innovative features of the full DNE. It features multiple desktops, a better knowledge navigator, subdocumenting for Microsoft® Office files and save & recall for all knowledge configurations.

    Purchase the DNE Desktop for $99.99
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Desktop Basic
  • The DNE Desktop Basic is a simple interface that turns your desktop into a powerful workspace where your files and folders are represented by custom icons that can be easily changed, resized and connected together. Use your desktops not only to access your files but also to plan what you're going to do with them.

    Purchase the DNE Desktop Basic for $29.99
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DNE Maps
  • DNE Maps is a free map reader. Like Adobe® Acrobat® Reader lets you read .pdf files, DNE Maps lets you read maps created in the DNE. With DNE Maps you can interact with a map in a variety of ways, including replacing files and updating meta-data.
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So if you are looking for desktop innovation, a new file structure, a 3D environment that really is 3D, a file management system that can restore your document environment at any selected point, that manages subdocuments, that supports multi-level and many-to-many relationships between information, or if you are underwhelmed by Microsoft® Vista, then we hope you will take the time to explore our feature-rich products.

Check out our applications, and if you like what you see, download a free trial version of any of our products and take it for a spin.

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