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Dekstrus was formed in 1994 to provide solutions aimed squarely at helping companies embrace change and address it deliberately and systematically. At Dekstrus, we have spent well over a decade researching and developing the next stage in advanced desktop, knowledge management, capture and deployment software. Bringing together broad experience and including business consultants and programmers as well as researchers and graphic artists, our development team aims to leverage what computers do well in order to facilitate people in what people do better.

Our goal is to provide a complete knowledge management solution:
  • To manage digital information on a digital paradigm, rather than simply applying old strategies to new problems.
  • To let you organize your knowledge in terms of how you use it, using a variety of flexible structures that reflect real information flows, rather than forcing you to fit all information into a single, rigid system.
  • To let you organize all your knowledge in the same structure, whether that knowledge comes from a document, a subdocument within a file, multimedia or a web page
  • To help you build a “repository in action” that facilitates access to the information you are working with while you are working with it, rather than simply systematizing where documents should go when you are done with them.
We saw the file management solutions, the knowledge management solutions and the modeling solutions that are out there, and we decided we could do better. The DNE, DNEMaps and two versions of the DNE Desktop are the result. At Dekstrus, we are committed to bringing you cutting edge knowledge management solutions and strategies for your business and research needs.
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